5 Trekking/Hiking in Bali

Bali as world destination as well as we know has kinds of activities, one the famous activities is trekking and hiking in Bali. Nowadays, hiking in Bali and trekking in Bali become as news tourist attraction by thousand of traveler every month. Bali has a lot of trekking destination for those who love to challenge Bali nature. Volcano, rice field, virgin and lush jungle are the most popular trekking destination in Bali. This is 5 Trekking/Hiking In Bali:


1. Mount Batur Hiking

Mount Batur hiking is the most popular hiking in Bali and most recommended volcano trekking in Internet such as TripAdvisor, Guide books, Lonely planet, With locals, Govoyagin etc.

Mount Batur volcano stand up only 1. 717 meters above sea level, this is the active volcano in Bali since 100 years ago. Trek to Mount Batur is the most recommended trekking during in the morning because the best time to catch sunrise and morning views before the sunlight strong.destination in Bali. Mount Batur become Global Geopark Network in South East Asia located in Bali since 2012. The peak season of trek is during July and august and it has been trekked by 100 thousand of hiking lovers.

2. Batur Caldera Hiking

Batur caldera hiking is a bit different then Batur volcano hiking, this hike very unique and very easy hike, took only 45 minute till the best point for stunning sunrise. This trek not only offers sunrise but the trek also offers the rural and country side of Bali. Batur caldera trekking will lead you to the one of the unique village in Bali, its called Trunyan Village (native and traditional Village and Bali which is still preserving their traditional way of life).

3. Mount Agung Trekking

Mount Agung one of the sacred places and the biggest mountain in Bali. Mount Agung Trekking/Mount Agung Hiking is challenge climb in Bali where you can test your fit and Adrenalin. Beside of challenge, there exist the holiest temple in Bali, called called Pura Besakih, it located on the slope of Mount Agung.

4. Mount Abang Trekking

The best jungle trekking in Bali is Mount Abang jungle trekking, the trek began from early morning at 03.45, walk trough virgin tropical forest. During your trek, you will find a temple who very important for Balinese for his pray a God. Mount Abang jungle hiking or jungle trekking very well for who traveler want to stunning double vies of Lake Batur and Mount agung in the distance.

5. Sambangan Jungle hiking

The is the second jungle trekking we recommended in Bali, despite this trek not as well as Mount Abang jungle trekking but here you can stunning amazing waterfalls during your hike. We very recommended to do this trek if you love to ply on the water, here you can splash your pace by fresh water come from the clean mountain around the area.

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